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Whats the difference between aluminum bronze tin bronze

2020-12-14 H:31:32

1. Include different elements

Aluminum bronze is a kind of copper cobalt alloy with aluminum as the key element. It is a kind of aluminum bronze with iron manganese elements, belonging to high strength high temperature resistant brass.

Tin bronze brass takes tin as the key aluminum alloy element, sometimes phosphorus, lead, zinc other elements are added.

2. Different corrosion resistance compressive strength

Aluminum bronze has high strength excellent wear resistance. It is used for screws, nuts, shaft sleeves, sealing rings, etc. with high compressive strength wear-resistant parts.. Aluminum bronze can be strengthened according to the heat treatment process, its compressive strength is higher than that of tin bronze, its high temperature is also very good.

Tin bronze has corrosion resistance wear resistance, excellent physical properties processing characteristics, can be very good electric welding fiber welding without flame when damaged. Tin bronze has strong corrosion resistance in air, sea, water steam, is widely used in gas-fired steam boilers ship components.

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The main uses of tin bronze aluminum bronze are as follows:

Tin bronze is widely used in electrical equipment electronic industry, its business scale is large, accounting for more than half of the total usage. It is used for all kinds of cables cables, motors transformers, power switches printed circuit boards. In the manufacturing of mechanical equipment vehicle transportation, it is used to manufacture valve products spare parts, instruments equipment, rolling bearings, moulds, heat exchangers pumps.

Some well-known Chinese brands of aluminum bronze: qal7 is used for manufacturing elastic components such as corrosion resistance in elastic yellow box, qal9-4 is used for high strength wear-resistant parts, such as rolling bearing, coupling, transmission gear, turbine engine, etc. It can also manufacture nozzle, flange, Pingyao pole support frame.



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