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Refining process of tin phosphor bronze C5191

2020-09-16 H:40:19

Tin bronze production manufacturing because the vast majority of the application of corner materials, the accumulated residue will accumulate in the charge, there are also tin phosphor bronze will produce some reflection with the residue, many metal oxides will accumulate in the copper water, thus endangering the quality of goods, the vast majority of green copper will find a layer of similar copper oil on the surface of the copper liquid, but the general factory use If you cover it with charcoal rice bran, everything will be fine, but what you don't remember is that this kind of copper oil residue will go into the liquid copper. Nowadays, many high-quality companies also choose refining agents in phosphor bronze. In the early days, they imported refining agents Japan, now they have been replaced by Chinese high-quality refining agents.

The results show that the slag with refining agent is too loose, the slag with the same volume is too heavy before application; the initial slag is the slag sample without refining agent, which has high copper content inseparable slag. the slag fracture surface can be seen that the copper content in the slag after refining is very low. There is more copper oil on the surface of the liquid copper in the unrefined copper water, so it is easy to pick up stick to the block. The copper content in the slag is above 80%, it is easy to solve. Bright red chemical substances are often found in high purity graphite continuous casting mould in furnace without refining

1. Good ductility: the tin phosphor bronze plug sleeve has good ductility longer service life. After tens of thousands of plug-in tests, it can maintain a stable bite force continuously, so that it can no longer produce the situation that the hair dryer cable is pulled slightly, the power plug falls with it, the power plug the power socket are touched tightly enough, the power can be connected.

2. No flashover: after long-term application, it can also maintain stable working characteristics. It is easy to cause spark discharge, prevent flammable objects ignition, then prevent fire accidents.



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