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Properties uses of tin phosphor bronze

2020-08-24 H:24:21

What kind of copper alloy is tin phosphor bronze? What kind of attributes does it have? What's the usage? Next, the editor of Zhejiang Hongxin Copper Co., Ltd. will introduce it to you.

Phosphorus is a good deoxidizer for copper alloy. It can increase the fluidity of the alloy improve the technological mechanical properties of tin bronze. The degree of reverse isolation. The solubility of phosphorus in tin bronze is 0.15%. If the content of phosphorus is too much, δ cu3p ternary eutectic will be formed. The melting point is 628 ℃. It is easy to produce hot brittleness in hot rolling process, so it can only be cold worked. Therefore, the phosphorus content in wrought tin bronze should exceed 0.5%. In the heat treatment process, phosphorus should be less than 0.25%. Phosphor tin bronze is a well-known elastic material. During processing, it controls the crystallinity before cold working. The grain size low temperature annealing after processing are needed. The strength, elastic modulus fatigue strength of the fine grained materials are higher than those of the coarse grained materials. Grain processing materials are high, but plasticity is low. The cold worked material is annealed at 200-260 ° C for 1-2 h to produce annealing hardening effect. It can further improve the strength, plasticity, elastic limit elastic modulus of the product, increase the elastic stability. Now the Chinese national standards are listed, including four grades of phosphor tin bronze. Among them, Qsn6.5-0.1 alloy is mainly used to make elastic parts, especially spring contact pieces with good conductivity, wear-resistant parts diamagnetic components in instruments; qsn6. 5.4 alloy is mainly used in papermaking, chemical food industries to make metal mesh, wear-resistant parts spring parts; qsn7-0.2 alloy is used for friction parts bearing medium load sliding speed, such as bearings, bushes, turbines, etc., can also be used to make bombs. Parts other mechanical electrical parts; qsn4-0. Alloy 3 is used in the production of various pipes in pressure gauges as sensitive components, which is called bronze pressure gauges.



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