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How to identify brass phosphor bronze with naked eyes simple tools?

2020-08-23 H:25:45

In today's era, everyone in the market is using technology products (such as mobile phones tablets). However, the technology products used must use key materials to transmit signals terminal conductor metal materials (such as the connection between mobile phone charging data line). There are many kinds of metal conductor materials, their functions forms are also different. In general, brass phosphor bronze materials used in consumer electronic products to transmit signals current are made of brass phosphor bronze without testing equipment

1. Brass is composed of copper zinc, its characteristics... RMW - XC ↓ is composed of copper, tin phosphorus (P). We have learned the chemical method, everyone knows that phosphorus (P) is a red element, so the appearance of phosphor bronze is red. Therefore, we can use its features to identify:

2. The technical products we use (for example, the charging data line used in mobile phones transmits the signal current of the conductor metal material of connector terminals to identify whether it is brass phosphor bronze), because the conductor metal in mobile phones has been electroplated. At this time, we dissect the charger data line to dissect the metal parts of the connector terminal that transmit signal current, then use a blade to scrape off the metal surface of the terminal. Brass if yellow after plating removal, phosphor bronze if red. Because the connector terminal structure of the data line of the mobile phone charger is very small, if you can't see it with the naked eye, you can use the mobile phone camera function to zoom in have a look. If you can see it clearly, put it on the microscope.



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