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Self description of "copper stick"

2020-07-26 H:25:30

Copper bar refers to the solid copper bar extruded drawn. There are many types of copper rods, including copper rods, brass rods, tin bronze rods white copper rods. Different types of copper bars will have different molding process different characteristics. The forming process of copper bar includes extrusion, rolling, continuous casting drawing. Copper bar material: H59, H59-1, h59-2, h59-3, h60, h60-2, H62, h63, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90; c1100, c1020, C2680, C2800, c2600, C2801, C5191, C5210, c2200, c7521, c7541, C17200, c1070, c7701, Qsn6.5-0.1, qsn8-0.3, qsn4-0.3, bzn18-18, bzn15-20, cube2 other copper bar forming process: 1. Extrusion (rolling) drawing (annealing) finishing Finished product. 2. Continuous casting (upward, horizontal wheeled, crawler, impregnated) - (rolling) - (stretching) - (annealing) - (finishing) - finished products. 3. Continuous extrusion - drawing - (annealing) - Completion - finished product. Use copper rod brass rod: brass rod is a rod-shaped object made of an alloy of copper zinc, named after its yellow color. The brass rod has good mechanical properties wear resistance. They are mainly used for manufacturing precision instruments, ship parts, gun shell, automobile parts, medical parts, electrical parts, various mechanical support materials, automobile synchronizer ring, etc. Copper rod red copper is a kind of relatively pure copper, which can be approximated as pure copper. It has good conductivity plasticity, but its strength hardness are relatively poor. At present, China's copper processing materials can be divided into four special types: ordinary copper (T1, T2, T3, T4), oxygen free copper (TU1, TU2 high purity, vacuum oxygen free copper), deoxidized copper (TUP), copper with a small amount of alloying elements (arsenic copper, tellurium copper, silver copper). As the conductivity thermal conductivity of copper are second only to silver, copper rods are mainly used in the manufacture of electrical thermal equipment. Cupronickel is a kind of copper alloy with nickel as the main alloying element. It is a continuous solid solution formed by copper nickel. Ordinary white copper bar has good corrosion resistance, medium strength, high plasticity, cold hot pressure processing good electrical properties. In addition to being used as structural materials, they are also important high resistance thermocouple alloys. Tin bronze rod phosphor bronze have higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance no spark during impact. For medium speed heavy duty bearings, operating at 250 ° C. It has the features of self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, uniform force on bearing, high bearing capacity, radial load automatic lubrication without maintenance. Tin phosphor bronze is a kind of copper alloy, which has good conductivity is easy to heat. The application of tin phosphor bronze has hard wired electrical structure, no rivet connection friction contact, which can ensure good contact, good elasticity smooth insertion. Hehe fittings have excellent processing performance chip forming performance, which can quickly shorten the processing time of parts. As master alloy, phosphor copper bar is widely used in copper casting, brazing other fields, plays an important role in the development of national economy.



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