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What is the preparatory work for aluminum bronze smelting?

2020-04-19 H:55:31

1. Raw materials of aluminum bronze raw materials used to prepare hyperthermia materials: electrolytic copper metal aluminum, iron, manganese, nickel. The surface should be clean free of oil. 2. The preparation of master alloy 103 master alloy (alfe alloy) smelting process, according to the proportion of 103 plus twice combustion loss into the furnace smelting. The theoretical combustion loss of Al is 4% - 10%, that of Fe is 1-2%, taking 10% 2% of the upper limit. Considering the secondary smelting, the theoretical combustion loss of aluminum iron should be set at 16% 4% in advance, that is, the quantity to be included in smelting master alloy is shown in Table 1 below. Calculate the mass of iron that aluminum bronze enters the furnace. The composition of the furnace assumes the mass of aluminum iron (kg). Theoretical combustion loss percentage (%) theoretical combustion loss (kg). The secondary combustion loss is assumed to be the weight of the furnace (kg). Mass of aluminum iron in master alloy (kg) al 10 10% 1.00 12.00 95.23 Fe 3 2% 0.06 3.12 24.77 note that the calculation method of each furnace mass is the total mass of a single furnace furnace furnace (120) × (assumed to be included in the furnace mass after secondary combustion / each alloy is included in the furnace mass (FE) after secondary combustion The solvent needed in the smelting process of flux aluminum bronze is divided into slag remover essential oil, which should be represented according to their own intention. The amount of each flux must meet the specification to avoid affecting the mechanical function of the alloy various components. 4. Smelting equipment 1, oil furnace (1) check the condition of oil furnace crucible before use, replace the crucible in time, preheat the new crucible; (2) check whether the oil nozzle is defective before combustion, check whether the combustion channel is blocked. If there is coke like sinter, it must be cleaned; (3) when replacing the crucible, make sure that the bottom of the crucible is flush with the upper edge of the atomizing nozzle; (4) the oil inlet switch of the oil furnace should be smaller first then larger, gradually adjusted to ensure sufficient fuel. Items (1) prepare melted items, such as steel support frame, sample spoon, slag spoon, stirring ribs, charging tongs, bell jar, etc., brush with paint to preheat them in the furnace; (2) sample preparation (composition judgment) metal samples required to preheat them in the furnace; (3) prepare sand mold required for mechanical property judgment test rod in advance, preheat them in the furnace; (4) The temperature of w-rh thermocouple oil furnace were measured. 5. Pouring equipment I. centrifugal pouring machine (1) before pouring, please check the circuit of centrifugal pouring machine, repair the shell, cover plate, mold fixture, etc. to see if they are in good condition, deal with them in time, report major problems. To the workshop for rectification; (2) before pouring, check whether the cooling water system is normal to ensure smooth pouring; (3) before pouring, make sure the pouring is neat to avoid tripping burning; (4) before pouring, clean the runner align it to ensure safe pouring out; (5) stop the centrifuge completely before demoulding. Ladle (1) the new ladle uses 50% quartz sand (10-20 mesh), 50% quartz powder (180 mesh) an appropriate amount of water glass (about 6%), is evenly mixed for masonry; the pre baked ladle is pre baked to a certain temperature, placed in a cool place for 24 hours, then dried before use.



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