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Aluminum bronze is widely used. Lets introduce it

2020-04-15 H:05:29

Brass rod, bronze rod aluminum bronze all have some characteristics of copper. The difference is that the added components are different. Copper used in brass rod is copper zinc alloy with high strength, high hardness strong chemical resistance. The mechanical function of cutting is also better than that of brass. Seamless copper tubes made of brass are soft wear resistant. Brass seamless tubes can be used in heat exchangers condensers, cryogenic pipes submarine transportation pipes. Production of sheet, bar, bar, tube, casting, etc. The copper content of the copper pipe is between 62% 68%, the plasticity is strong. The copper rod is made of copper by adding tin to the copper. Bronze has the characteristics of low melting point, high hardness, strong plasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance bright color. It is suitable for casting all kinds of utensils, mechanical parts, bearings, gears, etc. In refining the materials of brass bronze rods, due to the use of high-frequency furnace melting cast iron castings, the output value is very low, these brass rods, bronze rods other copper products were still rare at that time. In mining support, mechanical bearings were waiting for important parts. Now, with the continuous improvement of refining equipment, the number of excavated mineral processing bronze rods brass rods is gradually increasing, with higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no spark when punching out, suitable for high strength, high hardness requirements, high elasticity high conductivity switches relays. The working temperature is 250 ℃. It has active automatic alignment function is insensitive to deflection. The bearing capacity is uniform high. It can bear radial load together. Aluminum bronze is widely used in atmosphere, fresh water, seawater some occupational areas with high acid corrosivity. Because aluminum bronze has high strength, strong elasticity, wear resistance excellent cutting grinding functions, it has high strength, excellent conductivity thermal conductivity, so it is widely used in plumbing, mechanical electrical fields; Made of bracket, gear, bushing, bushing, receiving nozzle, flange, rocker, valve, pump rod, cam, fixing nut other high strength wear-resistant structural parts. Aluminum bronze can also be welded by electric welding gas welding, it is easy to braze. It can be made under cold hot conditions, can be quenched tempered; if the aluminum content is higher, the strength of aluminum bronze bar is higher. (professional red copper, tungsten copper, forged red copper, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, copper cup)



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