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Why is thin wall tube popular?

2020-03-30 H:09:39

With the improvement of our people's material living standards, everyone is more more concerned about environmental protection health issues. In the past, the commonly used water pipes were galvanized steel pipes, which were easy to be corroded, so they were gradually eliminated replaced by plastic pipes composite pipes. But you know what? Nowadays, thin-walled tube is more more popular. Why?

Properties characteristics of thin wall stainless steel pipe

1. The service life of the product is more than 50 years.

2. Strong corrosion resistance: stainless steel pipe has good corrosion resistance, stainless steel can resist 200ppm chloride, stainless steel can resist 1000ppm 304316 natural water corrosion, the surface of the pipe oxygen contact will produce dense corrosion resistance. When designing stainless steel, it is necessary to consider the corrosion allowance of chromium oxide protective film.

3. Strong impact resistance: the strength of water pipe is 2 times that of galvanized steel pipe 3 times that of copper pipe. The compressive strength of the connector is 2.5-5mpa, the tensile strength is more than 5000n. It is resistant to high-speed water flow impact can withstand high-speed impact of 30m / s, so it can withstand corrosion caused by eddy current flowing through nozzle, elbow, valve pump;

4. The inner wall of the joint is unobstructed: the diameter of the product joint is the same as that of the water pipe, the waterproof property is small, the same diameter is larger than other water pipes.

5. Small thermal conductivity good thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of copper tube is 1 / 25 of that of copper tube, that of steel tube is 1 / 4 of that of steel tube, with slow thermal expansion cold contraction, while that of PPR tube UPVC tube is only 1 / 4.

6. Good sanitary conditions: long term use is easy to scale, non-toxic non scaling, which can prevent secondary pollution of pipelines. Compared with other pipelines, the amount of heavy metals immersed in water is the least, the amount of metal leached is larger, the minimum amount of metal put into purified water; within its service life, it can meet the requirements of international drinking water standards.

7. Material saving: due to the thin-wall form, the weight is only 1 / 3 of the galvanized pipe, thus saving a lot of materials reducing the weight of the product. It is especially suitable for super high-rise buildings. The product can be recycled reused according to the national industrial policy.

8. Simple structure: short operation time: the product has no thread connection, no complex thread operation, no pre post-treatment in the welding process, no oil stain welding pollution in the construction cutting connection, the pipe fitting connection is completed quickly with special tools.

9. Economy: stainless steel pipe is one of the longest service life pipes, which can always keep the clean water quality of the pipe. It is a better performance, energy saving environmental protection pipeline in the water supply system of the 21st century.

10. The product has a beautiful appearance: whether it is a newly installed product a product that has been used for a long time, it can match the new environment.

11. Wide range of applications: the application scope of the products has expanded the current building water supply direct water supply pipeline to the heating, gas pipeline network food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic fire protection industries.



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