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Brief introduction of phosphor bronze

2020-02-20 H:25:32

P is used to remove oxygen pure copper bronze (Cu SN), leaving a small amount of P, adding 1% P Cu alloy to improve mechanical properties (toughness, elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance). Mainly used as wear-resistant parts elastic parts. Computer connector, mobile phone connector, high-tech industrial connector, electrical electronic spring, switch, electronic product slot, button, electrical connector, lead frame, vibration plate terminal, etc.

Bronze with tin phosphorus as the main alloying elements. It contains 2% to 8% tin, 0.1% to 0.4% phosphorus the rest is copper. It is mainly used in industry as wear-resistant parts elastic components. Plates strips are used for springs, switches, lead frames, connectors, vibrators, diaphragms, fuse clamps, bushings, etc. of electronic electrical equipment, especially for springs requiring high performance elasticity. Castings are used for gears, worm gears, bearings, bushes, sleeves, blades other general mechanical parts.

Phosphor bronze has high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, will produce sparks in the impact process. For medium speed heavy duty bearings, the operating temperature is 250 ℃. It has the function of automatic self-aligning, is sensitive to deflection, has high uniform bearing capacity, can bear radial load at the same time, can automatically lubricate without maintenance. Tin phosphor bronze is a kind of alloy copper, which has good conductivity, is easy to generate heat, ensures safety, has strong fatigue resistance. Phosphor tin bronze socket spring has hard wire electrical structure, no rivet connection friction contact, which can ensure good contact, good elasticity stable insertion. The alloy has excellent machinability chip forming property, which can quickly shorten the processing time of parts. The harmonica also uses phosphor bronze as the Gong material.

Phosphor bronze composition:

(1)C5111:3.5%~4.5%Sn,0.03%~ 0.35%P,>99.5%(Cu+Sn+P)。

(2)C5102:4.5% ~5.5%Sn,0.03%~0.35%P,>99.5%(Cu+Sn+ P)。 (3) Pbc2: 87.0% ~ 91.0% Cu, 9.0% ~ 12.0% s, 0.05% ~ 0.20% P (2B: 0.15% ~ 0.50% p; 2c: 0.05% ~ 0.50% P), < 1.0% impurity.



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