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Significance of more stringent requirements for rolling mill in thin wall tube plant

2019-12-18 H:10:41

With the fierce competition in the thin-walled tube industry, cost control is more important for the whole thin-walled tube industry chain. Now, more more factories gradually enter into the ranks of zero profit competition, which makes the production requirements of thin-walled tube more strict. Good quality low price have only stayed in daily necessities, but also large-scale industrial products have gradually entered the ranks of requirements Go.

Roll roll bearing are important parts of rolling mill. In rolling production, the roll must contact with the rolled metal directly to make the metal produce plastic deformation. Therefore, the roll is the main deformation tool of the rolling mill. The roller is supported by all kinds of bearings. The quality service life of roller roller bearing are directly related to the production efficiency, product quality production cost of rolling mill.

The development of rolling mill towards high speed, heavy load, high strength, high rigidity, high precision, continuous rolling automation has brought a revolution in the design, manufacture, use, maintenance detection of roll roll bearing.

In the 21st century, the thin-walled tube industry is experiencing fierce competition, which is manifested in the following forms: the competition between developed countries developing countries; the competition between the so-called "short process" thin-walled tube enterprises large-scale joint enterprises; the competition between steel steel substitutes; the competition between different kinds of steel; the competition between the quality cost of similar steel. In the world, due to the excess production capacity of thin-walled tubes, the competition becomes more more intense. Fundamentally speaking, the market competition of thin-walled tube products is based on the new generation of production capacity. Only by producing high-quality low-cost products can we be invincible. Roll roll bearing are large consuming parts of rolling mill, so how to improve the service life of roll roll bearing becomes an important aspect of reducing product cost.

Zhejiang Hongxin Copper Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the production sales of high-end copper profiles such as military copper tubes (rods), precision instrument bourdon tubes, electronic communication capillaries, etc. Through horizontal continuous casting extrusion drawing process, various specifications of tin bronze tubes bars are produced. The grades are qsn8-0.3, qsn7-0.2, qsn6.5-0.4, Qsn6.5-0.1, qsn4-0.3 so on, which are used in instrument industry, communication equipment industry, industrial sewing machine industry, new energy car washing, motorcycle industry other industries. The products are produced according to the national standard European Union RoHS organization, SGS test report is provided.

The company was established in Suzhou in 1996 moved to Shanghai in 2003. In 2017, Zhejiang Hongxin Copper Co., Ltd. was established put into production in Lincheng town industrial concentration area of Changxing County. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a backbone production enterprise with strong R & D production comprehensive strength, large number of patents complete product specifications in the same industry in China, its products are widely sold all over the country.



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