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Thin wall pipe plant must lay a solid foundation step by step in the development process

2019-12-18 H:02:46

As the saying goes, everything needs to be done step by step. For the thin-walled tube factory, the same is true. At least the current economic situation requires you. In the process of development transformation, this "footprint" must also have obvious traces, so as to be overhead, so that the thin-walled tube factory will eventually become a castle in the air. How to lay a solid foundation? Generally, there are the following price steps:

1. Progressive development, thin-walled tube factory generally starts sales, then transforms into entity, finally opens a factory, gradually develops its own customers. In each process, we must increase our footprints, so as to ensure the steadiness of each one, so as to make the connection of each development stage seamless.

2. Different functions should be embodied in the development of thin-walled tube plant. This is what we have to do in every development stage. What is the core content of each development stage? Otherwise, in the whole process of development, no matter the leaders others are confused, it will definitely make development have no way to go.

3. Every development must be coordinated as a whole, each development stage of thin-walled tube plant has its own purpose, so these development goals objectives must be gradual, they must be coordinated as a whole, fault, otherwise, it will give customers a sudden feeling, which is easy to be accepted by thin-walled tube customers for development.

Zhejiang Hongxin Copper Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the production sales of high-end copper profiles such as military copper tubes (rods), precision instrument bourdon tubes, electronic communication capillaries, etc. Through horizontal continuous casting extrusion drawing process, various specifications of tin bronze tubes bars are produced. The grades are qsn8-0.3, qsn7-0.2, qsn6.5-0.4, Qsn6.5-0.1, qsn4-0.3 so on, which are used in instrument industry, communication equipment industry, industrial sewing machine industry, new energy car washing, motorcycle industry other industries. The products are produced according to the national standard European Union RoHS organization, SGS test report is provided.

The company was established in Suzhou in 1996 moved to Shanghai in 2003. In 2017, Zhejiang Hongxin Copper Co., Ltd. was established put into production in Lincheng town industrial concentration area of Changxing County. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a backbone production enterprise with strong R & D production comprehensive strength, large number of patents complete product specifications in the same industry in China, its products are widely sold all over the country.



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