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The importance of correct selection of thin wall tube

2019-12-18 H:33:04

"Thin walled tubes that have rusted. Shouldn't thin walled tubes be rustless? What's wrong? Whose responsibility is it? How can I solve it? "

Although the vast majority of thin-walled tube applications are completely controlled by designers producers, in most cases, the final thin-walled tube customers are often disappointed with the performance of the materials. The causes of these disappointments tend to fall into only a few basic types.

In almost all cases, some basic knowledge will prevent this situation, the situation of customer complaints will be improved.

Main problems

Appears in the thin-walled tube product supply chain long, usually applies to the thin-walled tube engineering project a little disappointed reason. This helps to explain the cause of the problem. It is difficult for customers to get a proper understanding of each part of the supply chain. Only a small part of the supply chain can be known, then problems will arise later. The main problems are as follows

Importance of surface finish of thin wall tube in determining corrosion resistance

Lack of this knowledge is a major cause of the problem. Most specifiers designers understand the importance of selecting 304 thin-walled tubes, such as 1.4301 (304) 1.4401 (316). But surface finish is at least as important. These fully discuss the importance of thin-walled tube surface treatment for thin-walled tube project design.

Simple, bright thin wall tube polished surface provides corrosion resistance.

The surface roughness of thin-walled tube (RA = 0.5 μ m), usually with silicon carbide (SIC) abrasive, has enough corrosion resistance, especially in many harsh environments, especially in large cities coastal areas.

A common surface with 240 mesh alumina abrasive is used to realize the corrosion of some thin-walled tubes in urban coastal environment. In some cases, the surface roughness Ra value has been in excess of 1 micron, which is known in these environments is adequately measured.

Lack of understanding of architectural drawings for any specified surface finish is also an important cause of problems.

If, at any stage of the supply chain, there is an appropriate surface finish there is any doubt, seek the advice of the thin wall tube manufacturer.

Importance of post processing of thin wall tube

In addition to some special methods, welding in thin-walled tubes will lead to a certain degree of hot color. The thermal color is essentially an oxidized surface with lower corrosion resistance compared with the base metal. Therefore, the common practice is to carry out some form of post weld treatment to improve the corrosion resistance.

Details of these procedures can be found in:

Cleaning thin wall pipe after welding

Building building application cleaning after welding machining

Good manufacturing practice always includes post weld treatment. If , it will lead to unnecessary costs, after rectification.

The importance of separated carbon steel thin walled tube

Sometimes the "rusty" thin-walled tube turns out to be what it is. It is the surface of the thin-walled tube that has been polluted some carbon steel rusts in the production process. Possible sources of carbon steel contamination include:


Lifting device, rope, chain

Grinding dust

Cutting spark

Wire brush

possible, thin walled tubes carbon steel should be manufactured in separate areas of the shop , better still in separate workshops. In the unlikely case, it is important to clean thin-walled tubes used in carbon steel machines before using them. Surface stress of thin wall tube

Protect the plastic coating as long as possible.

The importance of site management

Because everything is being made, it's completely possible, only by the improper practices on site to destroy the whole project. Three questions are listed. Same as any place during field installation.

In addition, we must remember what is appropriate for a building material that is totally unacceptable for another type of thin-walled tube, remember that masonry brick cleaners may contain hydrochloric acid, sometimes called hydrochloric acid. If these fluids are used in all nearby thin-walled tubes,

Care should be taken to protect the surface of thin-walled tubes. If splashing occurs, it should be washed with water immediately. Failure to do so will result in expensive rectification costs the importance of choosing the right application level for serious attacks on thin walled tubes

This is almost self-evident. Only this is far away the list, as it is usually thought to be. But if the "wrong" score has been chosen, the consequences will be very serious. The basis of material selection is provided here.

Cleaning maintenance

Some people think that the dust other pollutants on the corrosion-resistant surface of the thin-walled tube are repelled to some extent. Like any thin-walled tube, the surface needs maintenance. Guidance in this area can be found in thin-walled tube cleaning methods.



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