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Operation flow of equipment lubrication with thin wall tube

2019-12-18 H:19:07

If the thin-walled tube wants the equipment to run more smoothly, lubrication has become a more important work, such as advertising

"A world without lubrication". If there is no lubricated equipment, it will be worse. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the equipment

Well, lubrication should be carried out as early as possible. Let's take a look at the detailed rules of thin-walled tube lubrication

Lubrication management system of thin-walled pipe equipment:

1. According to the requirements of machinery equipment, suitable qualified lubricating oil should be selected for thin-walled pipe according to the season.

2. The general office of thin-walled pipe shall purchase according to the requirements, only after passing the inspection can it be issued, received used.

3. If the thin-walled tube use department finds that the lubricating oil does meet the use requirements, it should inform the warehouse in time, report to the production department in time, suspend the use at the same time.

4. After the oil of the thin-walled tube hydraulic system runs periodically, the replaced oil should be recycled.

5. Requirements storage methods for lubrication schematic diagram of thin wall tube equipment:

a. Each machine is lubricated according to different parts of the equipment different lubrication requirements (see the schematic diagram of lubrication points of each equipment).

b. The lubrication point diagram of each equipment shall indicate the lubrication position, lubricant name, type lubrication cycle.

c. The location of oil filling oil level mark shall be indicated for centralized lubrication system.

6. Execution method of thin wall tube lubrication management:

a. For the equipment parts that need to be refueled in each shift, the operator shall refuel according to the regulations.

B. other lubrication points are specified by the maintenance personnel according to the lubrication schematic diagram, which can be combined with the repair, maintenance repair work to do the refueling work well.

c. The correct reasonable use of oil filling tools, strict implementation of operating procedures, the correct amount of oil, often keep the oil hole clean, to prevent oil hole blockage. The quality of oil should be clean, the amount of oil should be appropriate, the oil should be omitted.

Inspection assessment of thin wall tube lubrication management: the technology quality department is responsible for inspecting the implementation of lubrication management the use of equipment in the whole company, doing a good job in the evaluation supervision of equipment management in each department.

8 thin wall tube education training: for new employees job transferers, they must lead the master to do a good job in the education of equipment lubrication, they can work independently after mastering the lubrication methods. Following the eight principles of lubrication, the production of thin-walled tubes will go up to a higher level, better products will be obtained. So don't look at the simplicity of lubrication. If you lubricate the factory well, you will get the whole thin-walled stainless steel tube market.



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